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    Based on her newest best seller book, "OOPS &
    AHAs - 1001 Tips to Make You Communicate
    Smarter," Conni uses humor to educate and
    entertain.  Demonstrating non-professional
    appearance, language and action, she shocks
    audiences into laughter as she morphs into the CSP
    (Certified Professional) she really is.

    Conni gets everyone involved using her orginal Four
    Step "TILS" Thinking Technique (Think-it, Ink-it, Link-
    it, then Sync-it) to develop an action plan to solve
    problems. Her presentation includes fun creative
    exercises which visualize how people listen and
    respond differently. It's an unforgettable, powerful
    lesson for all to learn.

    Combining Conni's "TILS" Technique with her 4 Step
    "Instant-Art" Method, participants create a
    landscape sketch by having each team memeber
    add to the next step. The final picture proves how
    important it is for teams to understand and interpret
    the main goal.

    "Through my simple painting techniques, I get
    people more aware of the environment, to think
    further, and see the light in the distance of their
    life.  I don't talk about motivation, I guide them to
    immediate success to increase their self-esteem.  
    Isn't it amazing, when you look at your own work -
    a painting you created in about 40 minutes, even at
    first try.  Each and every one of them is different
    and has its own uniqueness."

    More than 900 qualifiers and executives from China, Hong
    Kong, Taiwan and the ASIA PACIFIC region gathered at each of
    three presentations to celebrate their remarkable

    The first week's presentation took place in Australia and the
    second two were in Singapore's Raffle City Convention Center
    in early 1991.

    Throughout each meeting, every one of the qualifiers took an
    active role in all areas which make their Recongnition Event
    unique and memorable.
Conni Gordon
Celebrity Artist & Speaker


    CONNI GORDON  was destined from stardom from birth.
    Born into a show-business family, Conni was always a
    vivacious and charismtic personality.

    Her onstage career began in the U.S. Marine Corps. in
    WWII when an entertainment act didn't appear at a
    program. Showcasing her ability to entertain
    and improvise, Conni taught the group of 50,000 marines
    to "Create Art in Minutes" in a show called "Draw Your
    Own Conclusion." The patented 4-step
    Conni Gordon method was developed from that
    astounding experience.

    Conni's formal education continued at Columbia
    University and Ecole Des Beaux-Art in France. After
    widespread attention from Guinness Book of World
    Records, audiences began requesting the "World's Most
    Prolific Art Teach."

    She has hosted television programs on NBC, ABC, CBS,
    PBS, BBC, and The Learning Channel. Her activities have
    been followed by international media, leading to features
    on the Wall Street Journal, the National Enquirer, and six
    appearances on the David Letterman Show.

    Widely respected and admired, Conni has been blessed
    to have worked with the best in the art industry over
    several decades. Along the way, she's influenced
    many lives.

    Conni has helped numerous foundations raise money
    from charitable causes,including Arnol Schwarzenegger's
    Inner City Games, Miami Children's Hospital, and the
    Cancer Society Fund.

    She continues to inspire others through corporate
    conventions, paint parties and televised events.

With books that have sold
more than 17 million copies sold
worldwide. Conni has influenced
many lives.

Widely recognized as an innovator
in the industry, Conni has worked
with some of the most respected
companines in the are world
including Berol, Prismacolor,
Golden Paints, and Grumbacher.

Conni Gordon, Inc. has been
and continues to be a multi-
million dollar company with a
new marketing campaign,
updated products, and expanding
opportunites. With art supplies, books,
videos, and online tuturoal,
and an art museum in the Art
Deco district of world-famous
Miami Beach, Florida, the
possibilities and limitless for both
the adult and children's
international markets.
Select your FREE Session(s) with Conni
(Up to four (4) FREE session per paid workshop.  Non-painter's may attend all four sessions for $100 or $25 per session.
Each session is complete and different from the other.  The value of this event is $395 per person.
"How to Think Creatively"  Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Learn the secret of how to problem-solve for both personal and business situations using the 4 Step "TILS" Technique:  
T=Think-it  I=INK-it  L=LINK=it and S=Sync-it.  Includes drawing.
With applications to art, business and self development, Conni's 4 Step experiential process results in you becoming the
creative force in your life.  Her method will change the way you see and think.  Conni gives you an invisible pair of creative
glasses to view the world.  The way you dress, read, write, and talk will be forever enriched.  Your new creative self will
emerge, giving novel and rewarding insights into all aspects of life.
"Paint-A-Mountains Scene-in-Minutes"  Saturday 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Even at first try.  Follow Conni's easy fun-filled 4 Steps (as seen on TV for years) and you'll enjoy instant-amazing
recognizable results, or she'll pay you $1,000.  An unforgettable creative experience guaranteed.  Acrylic Paint Kit, apron and
"Oops & Ahas" 1001 Tips to Being a Better Speaker  Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 11 a.m.
This session is based on Conni's award-winning book which condenses her multi-decades of being a CSP (Certified
Speaking Professional) booked in 80 countries and sharing secret's of world's TOP speakers.
"Paint Along with Conni"  Sunday 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Acrylic Art Kit.  Create a Sunset in Minutes, even at first try.  Guaranteed.
You'll make and take home your own amazingly recognizable, colorfull "Masterpiece" even if you never held a brush before.  
Follow Conni's fun-filled instruction and like magic, you'll get instant great results, even at first try, or she'll pay you $1,000.