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"David has won several Gold
Medals, including
the $20,000 Haroldson
Camberwell Rotary, one of the
biggest and prestigious
competitions in Australia!"

    Capture the fleeting moments!
    David will show you the best
    way to tackle painting the rugged
    coastline, the sea with its
    character, the calm waters and
    boats in the beautiful harbor, and
    street scenes along the harbor
    and about the city offering
    movement, color, and
    atmosphere. He will encourage
    your creativity and individuality
    and give you insight into
    portraying the subject in simple
    terms, helping you get fresh,
    spontaneous results. David is the
    coauthor of Solving Mysteries in
    Watercolor with Ron Ranson.  
    His work has been featured in the
    International Artist Magazine.

"Solving the Mystery
of Watercolor"
David Taylor
Staying Afloat in Watercolor
plein air

September 11 - 15, 2017

Cost $795
includes $100 in meal vouchers
Intermediate to Advanced

    DAVID K TAYLOR  A.W.I. F.V.A.S  David is recognized internationally for his painting and teaching and his
    services to the Arts. Born in Melbourne Australia in 1941, David’s early career began in etching and a 6-year
    apprenticeship at the North Melbourne Printing School of Graphic Arts; colour etching assisted in his future career as
    an artist painter. Many hand skills were learned such as hand engraving, lino and woodcutting, also etching with zinc,
    copper and magnesium and later etching on film in lithography. David’s painting career expands many years of
    studying the art of watercolour painting and he has been involved in teaching his great love of this medium to painters
    both in Australia and overseas since the late sixties. He is involved in regularly tutoring for the Australian and
    International Artist magazine.

    His numerous achievements include over 100 awards in watercolour, including the Herald Sun Best Of Show Gold
    Medal Award at the Camberwell Rotary Exhibition 2002 and a silver medal in 1976. In 2007 Silver Award. He won the
    prestigious Victorian Artists Society Artist Of The Year Award in 1976, 1980, and again in 1989, and in the same year
    he received the Distinguished Leadership Award for outstanding services to Watercolour and teaching from the
    International Directory of Distinguished Leadership and a certificate of merit for distinguished service to the
    community. His works are represented in Numerous Public and Private collections Worldwide.

    David’s work is regularly exhibited in Australia, in several states, in England, the Channel Islands and Stockholm. He
    has held regular one-man exhibitions of his work since 1975. In each Exhibition he expresses his love of working
    freely on location and his love of spontaneity, shape, light and colour. There have been many varying influences on his
    painting journey and aspires to the impressionists Monet, Turner, and the expressive John Singer Sergeant, also to
    include Winslow Homer, Brabazon Brabazon and Whistler to name a few.

    Subjects that convey atmosphere, mood and feeling inspire David. The book, Solving The Mystery of Watercolor,
    features David Taylor’s work and was written by Ron Ranson. His work is also on film and DVD with APV films


    2016                Three Exhibitions in China. Elected as a Life Member to Watercolor Society of Victoria, Australia.
    Honored for services to watercolor in Australia and Internationally.
    2015                Silver Medal in the  International Watercolour Society
    2014                Special guest Qingdao China 2014  
    2013                David will be Holding an Exhibition May 20th in Shanghai China at the Shanghai Quanhua Watercolour
    Art gallery No 121 XI Jing Jie, Zhujiajiao, Qingpu District Shanghai 201713
    2011                Kenneth Jack Memorial Award
    2011                Kenneth Jack Popular Choice Award             
    2011                Winner Herald Sun Camberwell Rotary Art Show Gold Award Best of Show High and Dry St Aubins
    August 2010     Lushan, China Exhibition 2 Paintings purchased for the National collection in China and National
    lecture to 5,000 Chinese students in Lushan China (with a little singing also).
    May 2010         International Judge as the Australian Representative in Shanghai as part of a judging panel From 5
    Countries for a special International watercolour. His work was selected for the National Collection in China
    2009                 Kenneth Jack Memorial Award Medal
    May 2009         Exhibition in Melbourne with Maxwell Wilks
    April 2008         DVD, Looking For the Light, released  
    2007                 The Silver Award Camberwell Art Exhibition
    2006                Won the Wilbow Corporation Prize Best painting At the Camberwell Art Exhibition Australia.

    October 2005    Special Exhibition in Jersey (Channel Islands)
    Jan 2005           Selected as the Principal Artist in Residence - University of Southern Queensland Australia. He
    became the first Australian recipient for this position at their Annual School for the Arts, in 37 years. It is of the
    highest honor in the School, which caters for classes in Painting, Sculpture, Etching, Leadlighting, Ceramics,
    Woodwork, Pottery and Calligraphy, Creative Writing, and Hand made Jewelry. Some 600 Students will attend at the
    School, David will Participate and give a special talk on his life as a Painter

    Australian Watercolour Institute
    75th Anniversary 1923-1998
    Australian Watercolour Painters 1780 – 1980 Jean Campbell
    Australian Impressionist and Realist Artists
    Artists and Galleries of Australia and New Zealand
    Max Germaine
    Who’s Who in Australia and the Far East first edition 1989
    Dictionary of International Biography 1990-91 Twenty-first Edition.
    The International Directory Distinguished Leadership Second Edition.
    Solving the Mystery of Watercolour David Taylor Ron Ranson
    A P V Films Solving The Mystery Of Watercolour DVD and Video

Class Outline
    Each day we will paint a new landscape, seascape or cityscape at a different location. David will demonstrate each day
    and offer individual help as students paint. Each day the work will be appraised.  

    This time is always a special adventure, exploring the light captured from nature, and seeking to capture the moment
    spontaneously. David will share his knowledge to assist each participant on their individual journey in watercolor. He
    will select great locations during the workshop and demonstrate the benefits of working plein air. He offers assistance
    to help hone these skills and will encourage each to find their individuality and style. Drawing skills, color, value,
    composition, and technique will be strong points in the workshop.

    David's workshops always are carried out in a relaxed atmosphere and he encourages all who attend to stay positive
    and enjoy the journey in watercolor. He will demonstrate many varied subjects and will encourage all who attend to
    bring reference material in case of bad weather. Subject material: seascape, landscape, cityscape, reflections, and skies.
    David will be encouraging all to move forward and improve and hone their skills. Reviews and comments on the work
    will be part of our learning and these will be made at the end of a session. Bring along your needs and goals and enjoy
    the opportunity to move forward.

    This workshop is best described as working spontaneously in a free and flowing manner. Using watercolor to produce
    magical results and a variety of subject matter, we will explore the light and shade on seascapes, landscapes, and street
    scenes. We will focus on subjects containing movement, color and light with the emphasis on freeing up and building
    strength to the watercolor. Technique will be explored as will brush handling skills. It will suit the keen devotee of
    watercolor and those who wish to push on further. All attending will be encouraged to pursue their individuality and
    originality. A positive energy will be with the group and there will be daily demonstrations and problem solving. He
    offers support at individual easels and during group critiques. Come along and enjoy the buzz and excitement of
    watercolor with David Taylor. You will be alive and jumping.

    Please realize we must be flexible according to Mother Nature. Bring layers so you can adjust your temperature

    David Taylor Suggested Watercolor Material List
                                           Guide Only

    Outdoor Easel and (pallet plastic)


    Arches medium to rough watercolor paper 300gsm or185gsm Or Saunders Rough

    Brushes David Taylor Neef Clear Handle Kolinsky brushes and Escoda Brushes

    Raphael mop brushes (French) petit gris pur  number 4-8
    A large wash brush for putting on large washes and a selection of good quality round brushes (Sable and Squirrel hair)
    At least one good sable brush with a good point. number 12
    A finer brush for detail (rigger brush)
    A selection of flat sable or sable mixture brushes ½ inch-1 inch
    Spray bottle
    2b –6b pencil
    A selection of ink pens for pen and wash
    Water container
    Smooth paper for pen and wash
    Towel and rags and tissures
    Any reference material for seascape, landscape, streetscape, boats,.
    Knife and an eraser

    Masking fluid
    Board to rest work on


    French ultramarine
    Cobalt blue
    Cerulean blue
    Prussian Blue or Winsor or Thalo Blue
    Perylene Green
    Raw sienna
    Australian Red Gold
    Cadmium lemon
    Cadmium Red
    Raw umber
    Cadmium orange
    Burnt Umber
    Light red
    Permanent Alizarin
    Ultramarine Violet
    Designers Gouche (Permanent White )
    Good sense of humour
    Reference material for landscape and other subjects could be
    Useful to bring for work indoors e g (seascape ,City Scape ,Boats
    And Figures

    Daniel Smith Colours
    Moonglow, Burnt Tigers Eye Genuine, Perylene Green, Undersea Green

    Apatite Green,Manganese Blue,are useful additions

    David Taylor Kolinsky Sable Brushes Supplied by Neef
    Escoda Brushes
    David uses a large percentage of Daniel Smith colours
    This is a list only and will be a guide for coming outdoor painting
    David likes so many of these colours for the Sedimentary effects
    One can achieve.

    David Taylor Kolinsky Sable Brushes Supplied by Neef

    A good sense of humour.
    Reference material: landscape and other subjects could be useful to bring for work indoors - seascape, cityscape, boats
    and figures.