Suzie Seerey-Lester

2-Day Marketing
June 28-29, 2010
Cost TBA

3-day Acrylic
June 30 - July 2, 2010
Cost TBA
Bend, OR

Intermediate to Advanced Students

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Alvaro Castagnet

The Passionate Painter in San Antonio
Watercolor - plein air

April 8 - 12, 2013
San Antonio, TX

Intermediate to Advanced

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    Be Bold! Push watercolor to its
    absolute limit! Translate mood
    into powerful, free and
    mysterious watercolor paintings.
    Achieve depth and volume with
    luminous lights and rich darks,
    create quality brushstrokes and
    colors, and infuse the passion
    into YOUR paintings. Alvaro will
    show you how with daily
    demonstrations. This workshop
    is for resilient painters who want
    plainspoken feedback and lots of
    painting action. Alvaro is author
    of Watercolor Painting with
    Passion and Painting with
    Passion, Beyond Technique.
    Alvaro’s work has been featured
    in International Artist and The
    Artist’s Magazine. He is highly
    awarded and published.
Mary Whyte

7 Unforgettable Days
Watercolor - plein air

May 4 - 11, 2013 (past)

Tuscany, Italy  

$3095 - $3395
All Levels Welcome

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    Seven unforgettable days of
    painting the Italian landscape and
    figure for artists and travel
    enthusiasts of all levels. Explore
    the towns, museums and
    vineyards of Tuscany, as you
    paint side by side with nationally
    acclaimed watercolorist Mary
    Whyte.  We will stay at the
    Tuscan Renaissance Center with
    stunning views of the Tuscan
    hills, while enjoying first class
    meals and wine, all within a short
    distance to historic cities like
    Florence and Sienna.  Enjoy a full
    morning of one-on-one
    instruction, then choose to spend
    your afternoons painting on your
    own, or exploring with Mary
    Whyte on fully guided tours.  

Kim English

Paint Instinctively
Oil - plein air

July 1 - 5, 2013
Bend, OR

All Levels Welcome

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    This dynamic workshop will
    teach you to rapidly capture
    gesture, light, and form.  
    Discover how to paint quickly
    and accurately concentrating on
    the “process”.  We will have
    models each day and paint
    numerous studies practicing
    techniques for achieving a
    spontaneous, yet controlled
    approach.  A working palette will
    be developed simplifying the
    comparison of color and value,
    an essential part of picture
    making.  Kim’s Gold Medal
    artwork has been featured in
    Southwest Art Magazine, Artists
    Magazine, and in the book
    Figure Drawing Workshop by
    Carole Katchen. He has also self-
    published a book of his work.
Thomas Schaller

The Architecture of Light
Watercolor - plein Air and studio

July 8 - 12, 2013
Bend, OR

All Levels Welcome

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    Form the final painting in your
    mind before your brush ever
    touches the paper. Tom will
    teach you how to find and focus
    on abstract compositional
    subjects based on the solid
    organization of darks and lights.  
    Learn to see as an artist and
    identify what will result in the
    best possible painting. The
    contrasts of the architecture of
    man and the architecture of
    nature should inspire strong ideas
    and great discussions. Tom is the
    author of Architecture in
    Watercolor and The Art of
    Architectural Drawing. He is
    considered one of the foremost
    architectural artists in the world.
Richard McKinley

A Central Oregon Summer
pastel - plein air and studtio

July 15 - 19, 2013
Bend, OR

Intermediate to Advanced

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    Pastel Society of America Hall of
    Fame pastelist Richard McKinley
    will demonstrate how to produce
    a concise field-sketch on location
    with pastel and how
    underpainting techniques can
    expand creativity, both on
    location and in studio. Forming
    the initial concept to the final
    pastel marks necessary to make a
    painting work will be covered.
    Through individual attention,
    group critiques, and class
    discussions, you will leave with a
    clear understanding of the
    universal basics of painting.
    Richard has a wealth of
    information to share as a
    dedicated instructor. He is tireless
    in this pursuit and his intensity,
    focus, and energy, are legendary.
Sherrie McGraw

Painting the Still Life,
Portrait and Figure
oil - studio

July 22 - 26, 2013
Bend, OR

All Levels Welcome

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    Go beyond the limiting label of
    “style” and learn instead how
    painting really works. Sherrie
    McGraw will demonstrate still
    life, portrait, and nude figure
    painting explaining how each bit
    of information can further that
    idea. She will teach you how to
    recognize an idea in your set-up
    and then stay true to that idea.
    Once you know what the
    intention is for a painting, your
    technical proficiency will catch
    up, pulling you forward on the
    journey to becoming a better
    artist. McGraw is the author of
    The Language of Drawing.
Karlyn Holman

Watercolor Fun and Free
watercolor - studio

July 29 - August 2, 2013
Bend, OR

All Levels Welcome

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    Get motivated with Karlyn
    Holman’s hands-on, fun-filled
    workshop that will inspire you to
    loosen up your painting style.  
    Karlyn is upbeat and teaches with
    tireless energy. Her high-spirited
    humorous style makes beginners
    feel comfortable and challenges
    the advanced.  The real emphasis
    will be individual expression and
    development of each student’s
    own painting style.  Enthusiastic
    and informational
    demonstrations, critiques and
    individual help are daily fare.  
    Karlyn has written four
    instructional books on watercolor
    titled Watercolor Fun and Free,
    Searching for the Artist Within,
    Watercolor-The Spirit of
    Spontaneity and Watercolor
    Without Boundaries.
Judy Morris

Great Design Decisions
open medium - studio

August 5 - 9, 2013
Bend, OR

All Levels Welcome
Comfort with Your Medium a Must

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    Paint with techniques that make
    you smile! Judy is serious about
    helping you become a better
    artist.  This workshop is for
    artists who want five intensive
    days to explore the structure
    behind successful paintings.  
    Learn how to use photo
    inspiration without imitation,
    create a successful underlying
    design structure, choose color
    chords that create harmony,
    create surface interest with
    texture, learn finishing techniques
    that will make your painting a
    success. Judy is a signature
    member of the AWS, NWS, the
    TWSA, and the NWWS.  She is
    the author of WATERCOLOR
Nicholas Simmons

Bold and Daring
watercolor and acrylic - studio

August 12 - 16, 2013
10 AM - 5 PM Mon - Thur
10 AM - 4 PM Fri
Bend, OR

All Levels Welcome

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    You'll never think about painting
    the same way again! Prepare
    yourself for Nicholas’ high-
    energy, unorthodox, and varied
    approach to watercolor. This
    workshop will focus on
    concepts, composition and
    design elements with
    concentration on diversity in
    subject matter; poured
    watercolor; fluid acrylic used as
    transparent watercolor; unusual
    textures such as his popular
    “batik” technique; large scale
    painting; computer-aided design;
    and creative photography for
    obtaining unconventional
    reference shots. Nicholas was
    the sole judge representing the
    US at the Shanghai Zhujiajiao
    International Watercolour
    Biennial, the world's largest
    watercolor exhibition, in 2010
    and 2012.
Robert Burridge

Abstract Acrylic Painting and Collage
acrylic - studio

August 19 - 23, 2013
Bend, OR

All Levels Welcome

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    Think Matisse, Rauschenburg,
    Diebenkorn, Motherwell… and
    you! Bob will guide you to paint
    the way you have always wanted
    to paint. Using your own ragbag
    of cool stuff to glue and
    assemble, plus acrylic paint and
    your off-center imagination, you
    will learn how to begin a new
    fresh body of work with your
    own artistic voice and point of
    view. And, imagine painting with
    no brushes! This wild workshop
    is about jumping off the cliff and
    creating artwork no one has ever
    seen you do. Burridge is the
    Honorary President of the
    International Society of Acrylic
Birgit O'Connor

Desert Flowers
watercolor - studio


August 26 - 30 2013
Bend, OR

All Levels Welcome

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    What gives a painting the WOW
    factor and creates an intimate and
    dramatic composition?  In Birgit’
    s workshop you will learn how to
    paint a statement by simplifying
    complex desert blossoms to
    create stunningly beautiful
    paintings with values in shadows
    and choice backgrounds.  Learn
    to make color move and mingle
    to create luminous petals that
    seem to lift right off of the
    surface, giving the illusion of
    depth. Birgit O'Connor is the
    author of Watercolor in Motion
    and Watercolor Essentials. She is
    a contributing editor to The Artist’
    s Magazine and Watercolor Artist.
David Taylor

The Freedom and Flow of Watercolour
watercolour - Plein air

September 23 - 27, 2013
Santa Cruz, CA

Intermediate to Advanced

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    Produce spontaneous paintings in
    a free and flowing fashion. David
    will encourage your creativity
    and individuality and give you
    insight into portraying your
    subject in fresh and simple terms.
    With emphasis on freeing up and
    building strength in your
    watercolour, he will demonstrate
    techniques and brush handling
    skills on a variety of subjects
    containing movement, color,
    atmosphere and light.  Come
    enjoy the buzz and excitement of
    watercolour with David Taylor.
    David is the coauthor of Solving
    Mysteries in Watercolor with Ron
    Ranson.  His work has been
    featured in the International
    Artist Magazine.
Robert Burridge

Loose Interpretive Plein Air Painting
Open to

Oct 7 - 11, 2013
Lahaina, HI

All Levels Welcome

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    Sink your toes into the sand (or
    surf) and paint with Robert
    Burridge. Produce a body of
    work, a series of paintings or
    your own conceptual solo show
    with your artistic voice and point
    of view. Bob will emphasize and
    demonstrate loose, expressive
    techniques in acrylic and paint
    primarily abstract. You can paint
    as abstract as you wish, in any
    waterbased medium, and even
    use collage; this is your artistic,
    educational retreat.  Bob will
    assist you with your style and
    workshop goals. Burridge is the
    Honorary President of the
    International Society of Acrylic
Drawing and Painting with
Charles Reid

Two Weeks to Choose From
Watercolor - studio

October 28 - November 1, 2013
November 4 - 8, 2013
Santa Barbara, CA

(Includes: Model Fees and 10 meals)
Intermediate to Advanced

More Information >>>
    A great drawing is the foundation
    of a great painting. Charles Reid,
    the master of contour drawing,
    will teach you how to
    concentrate on interconnecting
    shapes rather than drawing
    separate objects. Discover how
    to simplify and avoid
    overworking by focusing on
    good paint consistency. Practice
    “direct painting”, using as few
    over-washes as possible. Achieve
    the correct color, edge variety,
    and tonal value on the first try.
    Charles is the author of Charles
    Reid’s Watercolor Secrets and
    Charles Reid’s Watercolor
    Solutions, and many more. He is
    a member of the National
    Academy of Design.
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