Suzie Seerey-Lester

2-Day Marketing
June 28-29, 2010
Cost TBA

3-day Acrylic
June 30 - July 2, 2010
Cost TBA
Bend, OR

Intermediate to Advanced Students

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Alvaro Castagnet

San Francisco, Here He Comes!
Watercolor - plein air

April 7 - 9, 2014 Past
April 11 - 13, 2014 Past
San Francisco, CA

Intermediate to Advanced

Information on 2015  Santa
Barbara workshop >>>

Information on 2015 San
Diego Workshop >>>

    PAINTINGS!  Push watercolor to its
    absolute limit! Translate mood into
    powerful, free and mysterious
    watercolor paintings. Achieve depth
    and volume with luminous lights and
    rich darks, create quality
    brushstrokes and colors, and infuse
    the passion into YOUR paintings.
    Alvaro will show you how with daily
    demonstrations. This workshop is
    for resilient painters who want
    plainspoken feedback and lots of
    painting action. Alvaro is author of
    Watercolor Painting with Passion
    and Painting with Passion, Beyond
    Technique. Alvaro’s work has been
    featured in International Artist and
    The Artist’s Magazine. He is highly
    awarded and published.
Mary Whyte

7 Unforgettable Days
Watercolor - plein air

May 10 - 17, 2014

Tuscany, Italy  
All Levels Welcome

Alaskan Cruise - 2015 >>>
Venice, Italy 2015 >>>
Salt Lake City 2015 >>>

    Seven unforgettable days of painting
    the Italian landscape and figure for
    artists and travel enthusiasts of all
    levels. Explore the towns, museums
    and vineyards of Tuscany, as you
    paint side by side with nationally
    acclaimed watercolorist Mary
    Whyte.  We will stay at the Tuscan
    Renaissance Center with stunning
    views of the Tuscan hills, while
    enjoying first class meals and wine,
    all within a short distance to historic
    cities like Florence and Sienna.  
    Enjoy a full morning of one-on-one
    instruction, then choose to spend
    your afternoons painting on your
    own, or exploring with Mary Whyte
    on fully guided tours.
Kim English

Quick Capture
Oil - plein air

June 16 - 20, 2014
Bend, OR

All Levels Welcome

Kim will return in 2016

    Need a crash course in value and
    shape? This dynamic workshop will
    teach you to rapidly capture gesture,
    light, and form.  Discover how to
    paint quickly and accurately
    concentrating on the “process”.  We
    will have models each day and paint
    numerous studies practicing
    techniques for achieving a
    spontaneous, yet controlled
    approach.  A working palette will be
    developed simplifying the
    comparison of color and value, an
    essential part of picture making.  
    Kim’s Gold Medal artwork has been
    featured in Southwest Art Magazine,
    Artists Magazine, and in the book
    Figure Drawing Workshop by Carole

Don Andrews

The Figure in the Landscape
watercolor -  studio

June 23 - 27, 2014
Bend, OR

All Levels Welcome
    Give life to your landscapes. Figures
    accent a painting unlike anything
    else. Don will teach you how to
    capture man’s relationship or
    contrast to nature and the
    environment. He will show you how
    to paint believable figures with
    lessons on figure construction and
    the variety of ways to use the human
    form as an accent, point of interest
    or dominant character. Don is a
    signature member of the AWS. He is
    the author of Interpreting the
    Landscape in Watercolor,
    Interpreting the Figure in
    Watercolor, and Rough Sketches,
    Short Stories of a Traveling Artist.

Birgit O'Connor

Rocks, Sand, Glass and Shells
watercolor - studio

July 28 - Aug 1, 2014
Bend, OR

All Levels Welcome

2015  Bend, Oregon Floral
Workshop Info >>>

    Want a better understanding of
    creating depth, shape and dimension
    in a painting? Then this class is for
    you. Learn to control water and
    color to get an effective three-
    dimensional illusion. We will work
    with many different techniques to
    create textures on rocks,
    transparency in beach glass,
    underwater and wet rocks, realistic
    driftwood, sand, shells, kelp etc. The
    results are simple and stunning. You
    will be amazed at your own work!
    Birgit  is the author of Watercolor in
    Motion and Watercolor Essentials.
    She is a contributing editor to The
    Artist’s Magazine.

Gil Dellinger

Turning Plein Air Sketches into
Finished Work

August 4 - 8, 2014
Bend, OR

Intermediate to Advanced

Gil will return in 2016

    Master Pastelist Gil Dellinger will
    teach you how to make everything
    come together into a beautiful
    finished work. Gil is a dedicated
    instructor with a wealth of
    information. He will provide
    demonstrations, discussions and
    plenty of individual attention. You
    will paint several studies on location
    and then take all the information you
    have gathered to the comfort of our
    studio for the finishing touches. This
    class necessitates that students be
    mobile, with all materials accessible.
    Gil Dellinger is the current president
    of PAPA and a signature member of
    the Pastel Society of America.

David Lobenberg

Watercolor Portraiture

August 11 - 15, 2014
Bend, OR

Beginning to Intermediate

    Shake it up with David Lobenberg.
    Apply watercolor with splatters,
    swabs, slaps, splats, and slashes to
    that portrait you’ve be waiting to
    paint or use one of David’s outline
    drawings. Come flood, blossom, and
    create textures with a style that is
    about gesture, expressive color, soft
    transparency and hard opacity. You
    will paint several studies with step-
    by-step demonstrations from painting
    start to painting finish. David’s
    watercolor paintings can be found in
    private, public, and corporate
    collections across the country.  His
    work has been featured in American
    Artist, Southwest Art, and American
    Art Collector magazines.
Karen Rosasco

“Abstraction By Design"
(using fluid acrylics and collage)

August 18 - 22, 2014
Bend, OR

All Levels Welcome

    Discover eight different innovative
    ways to begin an abstract painting
    the first two days of this exciting
    experimental workshop. Spend the
    next three days concentrating on
    finishing the paintings abstractly or
    semi-realistically with compositional
    design solutions, developing your
    own personal symbolism and
    creating unity!  Karen will guide you
    daily with informative
    demonstrations and individual and/or
    group critiques. She has been
    teaching art and design for over forty
    years and has won major awards in
    AWS and other shows. Karen’s work
    is collected privately and corporately,
    in the USA, Europe and South

Lian Quan Zhen

East Meets West

Watercolor and Chinese painting

August 25 - 29, 2014
Bend, OR

All Levels Welcome

Lian will return in 2016

    Strengthen your artwork with the
    limitless creative possibilities of
    Chinese and watercolor painting.
    Lian will teach his approach on
    design, composition and color with
    clear, practical easy-to-follow
    demonstrations and instruction. The
    first 2 days, you will practice
    “Chinese Brush Painting” in a
    spontaneous style and then in detail.
    The following 3 days, your skills will
    continue to develop with Lian’s one
    of a kind color pouring, blowing, and
    blending method. Participate in
    helpful critiques as he takes you step
    by step through several paintings.   
    Lian is the author of four Chinese
    Painting Instructional Books.

David Taylor

The Freedom and Flow of Watercolor
plein air

September 8 - 12, 2014
Santa Barbara, CA

Intermediate to Advanced

David returns in 2015

    Produce spontaneous paintings in a
    free and flowing fashion. David will
    encourage your creativity and
    individuality and give you insight into
    portraying your subject in fresh and
    simple terms. With emphasis on
    freeing up and building strength in
    your watercolour, he will
    demonstrate techniques and brush
    handling skills on a variety of
    subjects containing movement, color,
    atmosphere and light.  Come enjoy
    the buzz and excitement of
    watercolour with David Taylor.
    David is the coauthor of Solving
    Mysteries in Watercolor with Ron
    Ranson.  His work has been featured
    in the International Artist Magazine.
John Lovett

Watercolor and Mixed Media, studio
2 weeks to choose from
or take both!

October 6 - 10, 2014
Stretching the Boundaries

October 13 - 17, 2014
Stirring the Pot
San Francisco, CA

$795 each
All Levels Welcome

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    Combine a range of new techniques
    and materials with watercolor basics
    and open up a whole new way of
    painting. You will use ink, gouache,
    charcoal, gesso, acrylic and
    watercolor to stretch your skills and
    imagination way beyond the
    boundaries of traditional watercolor.
    John will teach using a variety of
    subjects and demonstrate for the
    class twice a day. He is the author of
    Watercolor for the Fun of it –
    Getting Started and John Lovett’s
    Textures, Techniques and Special
    Effects for Watercolor.  He is a
    regular contributor to International
    Artist Magazine.

    Ready to move on to something new
    and stimulating, something that will
    inspire you and put the excitement
    back into your painting? John will
    encourage you to produce paintings
    full of life and vitality. Learn
    techniques that will retain a painting’
    s freshness, while allowing you to
    manipulate, adjust and experiment.
    John will show you how to
    seamlessly incorporate new and
    different materials.

Charles Reid

Watercolor Still Life,  
Portraits and Figures

November 3 - 7, 2014
Portland, OR


Intermediate to Advanced

Charles' 2015

    A great drawing is the foundation of
    a great painting. Charles Reid, the
    master of contour drawing, will
    teach you how to concentrate on
    interconnecting shapes rather than
    drawing separate objects. Discover
    how to simplify and avoid
    overworking by focusing on good
    paint consistency. Practice “direct
    painting”, using as few over-washes
    as possible. Achieve the correct
    color, edge variety, and tonal value
    on the first try. Charles is the author
    of Charles Reid’s Watercolor Secrets
    and Charles Reid’s Watercolor
    Solutions, and many more. He is a
    member of the National Academy of