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I will be bringing a complete extensive manual describing everything that we will
be doing in the class
6 Covered backing Boards A substrate covered with 4 mil 3x50 plastic
sheeting (I get mine at any hardware supply store) cover front and back. USE-
Gator board, insulation foam board, foam core 3/16. Any of these will work. We
will using these to dry our projects. Have six ready to fit a full sheet of 22x30
papers.   Cut it a little bigger than the paper about 24x32. Bring 24 paper cups
to put between the boards to make your own drying rack. Please have this
ready the day of class-A MUST!

6 Artisico Fabriano-Sheets or more  comes 10 in a pkg. 140# Artistico Fabriano
h/p watercolor paper (does not wrinkle when wet) Cheap Joe’s FAT140 (h/p)
10 pkg. 22x30, or deep cradle gesso boards, any Canvas (won’t be h/p).
3 Strathmore Illustration Boards 22x30-plate finish 500 series.  Cheap Joe’s
catalogue SM2402 5 pkg. 20x30 (note different size) You will need, 1-20x30, 2-
10x30 and 3-10x10. Cut before class. Can substitute h/p 300# watercolor
paper or scrap mat board. It won’t work as well, but it is a possibility.
2 BFK-Cheap Joe’s BFK 22x30 h/p printmaking paper (absorbs color & more
like a blotter) this is optional. You will enjoy using this paper if you buy it.
Craft Tissue paper White-8 pieces, found at Cheap Joe’s, Michael’s, Dick
Sprectra  Brushes The best price for hake is www.Utrecht.com.  goat
hair.   I use hake brushes that have a sewn furl, NO METAL FURLS. They are
easy to clean and almost indestructible.  Bring a minimum of two. When you
see how I paint with them you will want them. I use four three 3“, some 2 “and
several 1 “inch Hake brushes. I also use Grumbacher round 3,6,8” and others
for detail. Use good foam sponge brushes, ones from the paint store. but not
thick hardware brushes ) Water color brushes you have, however, will not be
suitable for watercolor after use with acrylic.  
Fluid Acrylic Paint-I demo in liquid. I like fluid Golden the best, 4 or 8oz.  (not
2 oz.size) I suggest three colors. A triad you want to work with. Transparent
colors only. Example: Naphthol red or quinacridone crimson, quinacridone nickel
azo gold & phthalo blue or turquoise  or ultramarine. This would be a minimum
of paints. We will use black and white gesso. Secondary colors if you have
them are fine to bring. Zinc white and Carbon black are more transparent than
gesso. Bring what you have tubes take longer to mix, but work for our purpose.
( 2oz tube of acrylic, 1oz. water, 1oz gloss medium will make liquid from the
tubes) shake in a 8oz bottle.
Golden Polymer Medium or Liquitex Polymer Medium & Varnish same product-
16 oz.
White Gesso-16oz               Black Gesso-8oz or less
Heavy Gel Medium gloss-8 oz  
3 Bottles 8 oz.with-trigger GUN PUMP NOZEL,(for alcohol) atomizer FINE
MIST sprayer, water PUMP spray, for water.
6 Squeeze Bottles-8oz. You can buy anywhere Or Dharma Trading Company
1-800-542-5227 8oz.squeeze bottles and 8oz mister bottles.  This will be used
to contain; black gesso, white gesso, alcohol, and polymer medium.  
Palette-I use acrylic tablets 12 X16 they work the best. PAPER PLATES are
Gold Leaf-Optional-ONLY IF YOU WANT TO DO THE PROJECT. Most any
internet art supplier.
Imitation 25 sheets in pkg.(5 ½ x 5 ½), Not Simple Leaf. Adhesive liquid, spray
adhesive  sealer or glue pen Sheet of wax paper to help you when adhering.
Rubbing Alcohol-Common drug store. To fill trigger GUN PUMP & 8 oz.
Squeeze bottle.
Safe Release Tape-Get the delicate tacky. Green frog tape found at Lowes or
hardware supplier, I buy it in several widths. (used for stenciling and masking
out line in your work)   
4 White13 Gallon Garbage Bags-We will cut in half for our projects. Cut short
way sealed edge. Then in half to have two rectangles. Can cut in class.
Any Surface Texture Implements-Line implements, rug grid (small piece), chop
stick, chore girl (common kitchen food type),scrap mat board, squeegee
scrapers, (rubber on the wide end or rectangle eraser, or shapers), saran
wrap, wax paper, bubble wrap, natural sponges. Any thing you can think for
making marks and stamping into the paint. I carve them the usual way. Use you
4 Solo Food Containers-8 oz. containers & covers The containers you get at
the deli counter when you buy prepared foods salad. (to put gesso, polymer,
and mixed opaque paint).
6 Plastic containers & covers (or more 2 oz.) you get when you are out to
eat. (contains sauces/dressings)  Find at party supplies stores or ask
restaurants for a few.
Brayers-Several sizes Great to have and use.
Supplies You Usually Bring to Workshops-Kleenex (not lotion). Plain Toilet
Paper, found camper TP To be best. Viva: not imprints.  Elephant ear sponge,
sponge to absorb excess water from your brush, double water container, that
fits 3” brush, apron, ruler, digital camera, (if you have one), Derwent sketching
pencil, scissors, apron, Murphy’s oil soap (original for cleaning brushes)
Embossing Heat Tool- If you want to use it, you need to buy it or borrow during
Intense heat hot air dryer. I got mine at Michael’s, about $24.00, quiet. Highly
recommend having. Michael’s, get the Sunday coupon for 40% off.
(Bring it if you already own them, see how I use it, then buy later)
Stamps-Bring a couple of your favorite art stamps or ones you have made. This
is for a layering project. To make personal stamps I use Creatology Fun Foam
1/4”, Aleene’s fun craft foam glue. and cut with cuticle scissors. Found at
3 Colors of acrylic ink-if you have it.  I will provide limited amount.
Light Moulding Paste only if you have it.
View Finder Images torn from magazine with good contrast, shapes and
color.    We will use one of the images as a layering project. Optional project.
Can do this is class.
Resources & Reference Materials Bring your own inspirational photos. Photos
or picture of: abstract art you enjoy, landscapes, mountains, sea shells, and
other symbols that speak to you.  A couple of magazine ads with large
interesting shapes, good contrast, color you like  and good line.
Transfers-Papilio transfers
Pens & Line Tools- I use Sharpies oil base paint pens, white, black, gold, extra
fine point, to sign my paintings.  Krylon 18kt gold leafing pen, metallic. Krylon
Portfolio water color oil pastels, colored pencils, metallic pens. For other line
work I often use Jacquard squeeze bottles half oz. 7 mm & 5 mm ($3.25ea). I
fill with acrylic paint and use for line work.  Michael’s
Mentioned Triad Paints plus-What you have. Secondary colors you like and
enjoy working with. Any metallics. Liquid acrylics I use: nickel azo yellow, yellow
oxide, raw umber, quinacridone magenta, permanent violet dark, dioxazine
purple, pyrrole red, jenkins green, anthraquindone blue, cobalt teal, phthalo
blue, naphthol red light, quinacridone red, quinacridone crimson, cobalt
turquoise, transparent red iron oxide, green gold, hansa yellow medium, zinc
white, quinacridone burnt orange, burnt umber light and carbon black.  My
colors are always changing. I am experimental, you know. You do not need to
buy all these, I limit my colors when teaching.
Design Aids Working mat for a full sheet, white pastel chalk, reference color
wheel.  (so you can test your values), I use paint strip samples, local paint
store.   Polyester, acetate acrylic water media clear film, used to test before
you apply the paint decide where to sign your painting.Supplies can be easily
found: on line, Michael's, Cheap Joe’s, Etc.
Charles Reid
Lana Grow (Click for Class Information)
Art in the Mountains - Fine Art Painting Workshop