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16-Days - Vietnam, China and
watercolor plus, studio workshop
Onboard the Norwegian Spirit
Karlyn Holman workshop
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Watercolor - Studio

April 15 - May 1, 2020

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    Prices are subject to availability. Please contact Emily - information above.
    Things to Think About:
    The cabin deposits have been made on behalf of each participant and the deposits are more on the balcony cabins.
    Your deposit for the cruise will be paid to Art in the Mountains to maintain our room block. This $125 (balcony
    cabins) or $50 (inside or oceanview cabins) per person, based on double occupancy, is refundable to you until
    12/16/19 if should need to cancel. Emily will take your credit card information and give you a reservation number
    when you call to select your cabin and 2 amenities. Then you can set up an account on their website to view
    everything about the cruise and start booking excursions. Each cabin will also have a $50 on board credit.

    Two Amenities per Cabin (guest’s choice):
    Ultimate Beverage Package (Guest 1 & 2) - 20% gratuity not included
    Specialty Dining Package (Guest 1 & 2) - 20% gratuity not included
    Internet Package
    $50 per port Shore Excursion Credit (may be limited to 4 ports)
    $75 On Board Credit
    $75 Fundraiser Credit
    Commitment Ceremony
    Complimentary Photos Package (20 photos per stateroom)

    Things to Note:
    Deposit is required to secure cabin number and location.
    Cabins booked or deposited after 12/15/19 receive current prevailing rates. AITM will release all unsold cabins at this
    Connecting cabins, specific locations, or accessible rooms should reserve immediately.
    IX, OX, BX, & MX Categories cannot be included into group & do not qualify for perks.
    On board service charges or gratuities, are an additional $14.50 per person, per day if prepaid before we cruise. If
    paid at the end of the cruise the daily rate is $15.

    Pricing based upon double occupancy and include taxes and fees:
    Taxes are per person for the total trip regardless of cabin. Taxes will be $229.33 and are included in the fare below.
    All fees include a $350 noncomission fare to NCL.

    Cabin fares, including taxes and noncommissioned fares, are per person, based on double occupancy. If you desire
    to have a single supplement, the cruise line will charge you double fare.

    Inside Cabin $2398.33
    Ocean Window $2968.33
    Balcony $4158.33

    16-Day Ultimate Asia: Vietnam, Hong Kong (Overnight), Shanghai (Overnight), And Japan from Singapore

    DAY                                CRUISE PORTS                                ARRIVE        DEPART

    Wed                   Singapore  (EMBARK)                                                          7:00 pm  
    Explore a compact, fascinating city-state that’s truly global. A onetime British trading post, its diverse past is
    reflected everywhere, from its old Chinese quarter and colorful Hindu temples to its modern skyscrapers and
    common language, English. Take a short cruise along the Singapore River or a pedicab ride through town, or enjoy
    the quiet at the National Orchid Garden. Interested in Asian medicine? A special medicinal restaurant can prescribe
    just the menu to help you feel your best.

    April Weather - Average High: 58 -  Average Low:  47

    Thur                  At Sea           

    Fri                   Ho Chi Minh City (Phu My), Vietnam                        7:00 am          9:00 pm  
    Discover the rich heritage of Saigon and the Mekong Delta. You won’t forget a ride on a cycle rickshaw, known
    locally as xích lô (“sick-low”). Sit back as your driver whisks you past pagodas, colonial architecture and vibrant
    markets. A nice contrast to the city is the lush countryside of rice paddies and tiny villages along the Mekong. The
    freshness of the food is highlighted by the phenomenal fusion of local cuisine, a unique blend of Asian spices and
    French cooking styles..

    April Weather - Average High: 93 - Average Low:  79

    Sat/Sun        At Sea

    Mon/Tues        Hong Kong, China - Overnight                                7:00 am          4:00 pm  
    This former British colony brims with modern skyscrapers, ancient traditions and incredible food. A shopper’s
    paradise, local shops and markets offer everything imaginable, from silk to jewelry and electronics. The highest point
    in the city, Victoria Peak, offers sweeping views of this vibrant city. Hollywood Road’s temple and antique shops
    are worth exploring, or take a junk cruise and explore the magnificent bay. As Asia’s culinary capital, your
    gastronomic desires are sure to be fulfilled.


    April Weather - Average High: 77 - Average Low:  69

    Wed        at Sea

    Thurs/Fri                   Shanghai, China - Overnight                        6:00 am          9:00 pm  
    As China’s largest and most prosperous city, Shanghai is an international metropolis that draws travelers from
    around the world. Stroll past city sculptures along the Bund – a famous waterfront situated along the Huangpu River
    that’s nicknamed a “Museum of International Architecture” because of impressive buildings lining the street. To
    view a classic Chinese garden in the city, the Yu Gardens are a must see. Shanghai’s bustling markets are ideal for
    browsing for a wide range of local goods. This fast-paced, ever-evolving city offers an abundance of attractions and
    activities and is continuously offering new ways to enjoy Shanghai.

    April Weather - Average High: 67 - Average Low:  53

    Sat        At Sea

    Sun                   Hiroshima, Japan                                                   8:00 am          3:00 pm  
    History is never far from mind in Hiroshima, thus the city has created one of the most important and breathtaking
    memorials in the world, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Museum. Statues, halls, and monuments at this
    World Heritage Site honor those who fell in World War II. As one of Japan's largest islands, Hiroshima also offers
    rich natural beauty and a myriad of outdoor activities like biking, hiking and beaching. The local cuisine is plentiful,
    especially the signature “Okonomiyaki,” a crepe filled with meat, seafood, cabbage, and vegetables. Oysters (usually
    grilled) serve as an additional fresh and delicious culinary draw.


    April Weather - Average High: 67 - Average Low:  50

    Mon                   Kochi, Japan                                                         10:00 am          6:00 pm  
    Engage with locals and indulge in local flavors in this welcoming city, known for its famed dish Katsuo no tataki (a
    type of tuna Tataki). The city center was initially settled in 1601 as a town surrounding Kochi Castle, which is now
    one of the region's principal attractions. Delve into times gone by as you stroll along the famed, red Harimaya-bashi
    – the basis for an old local folklore song. Discover the lovely Katsurahama beach area, where the Sakamoto Ryoma
    Memorial overlooks the sea and honors this legendary Japanese peace negotiator

    April Weather - Average High: 70 - Average Low:  51

    Tue/Wed                   Kobe, Japan          - Overnight                                8:00 am          6:00 pm  
    Situated between mountains and the sea, Kobe is Japan’s sixth-largest city and a port bustling with culture and fine
    cuisine. Named after its origin, famous Kobe beef is one of the delicacies to enjoy at the many gourmet restaurants.
    Don’t miss the chance to visit Ikuta Shrine – one of Japan’s oldest Shinto shrines – or tour a museum to learn about
    local culture. For sweeping views of the vibrant city, explore one of the nearby mountainsides through a diverse
    selection of activities.

    April Weather - Average High: 65 - Average Low:  50

    Thur                   Shimizu, Japan                                                12:00 pm          8:00 pm  
    In the shadow of Mount Fuji, Shimizu is one of the most beautiful ports in Japan. Walk through the pine groves of
    Miho, home to a 650-year-old Japanese black pine, or enjoy spectacular views of Mount Fuji from the lush, forested
    hill of Nihondaira. Take in the seascapes on a bay cruise, or learn of undersea delights at Japan’s first sushi
    museum, and get a glimpse at feudal life in Japan in 200 BC at the archaeological site of Toro. Shop for traditional
    Japanese wooden handcrafts and fabrics unique to the region, and sample some yokan, a sweet jellied confection.

    Fri                   Tokyo (Yokohama), Japan (DISEMBARK)                6:30 am           
    Once a sleepy fishing village, Yokohama is now one of Japan’s largest ports and your gateway to Tokyo. Ancient
    traditions and historic sites blend into modern culture, crafting a city unlike anywhere else. In Tokyo, you can walk
    among both neon-glowing skyscrapers and regal temples. Browse stores showcasing the latest advances in
    technology or retreat to one of the tranquil gardens surrounding the Imperial Palace. Savor traditional cuisine at a
    Michelin-starred restaurant and witness the centuries-old sport of sumo wrestling. This cosmopolitan hub offers a
    vast selection of attractions and activities and a wealth of culturally and historic sites. Whether this is your first or
    fifth visit to the city, Tokyo will captivate your imagination.

    April Weather - Average High: 65 - Average Low:  51

Things to know before you call.
    Emily will take your credit card information when you call to select your cabin and explain the payment options for the
    remainder of your fare and all the amenities.

    Please make arrangements with Tracy at Art in the Mountains to reserve your space if you want to take
    Karlyn's workshop.
    In Ho Chi Minh, learn about Vietnam’s revolutionary history at the mythically named Dragon Wharf before
    venturing through the Cu Chi Tunnels in Phu My. After arriving in Hong Kong, take the cable car up to Ngong
    Ping village to visit the Tian Tan Buddha and Po Lin Monastery or indulge in Cantonese cuisine at the Tsim Sha
    Tsui. Then it’s off to Shanghai where the 16th-century Yu Garden will amaze you until you’re ready to Nanjing
    Road for some shopping. Once you arrive in Kobe, be sure to visit Arima Onsen, a hidden treasure known for its
    hot springs.