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"For expressive paintings,
respect and exploit the full
nature of the medium."

    Form the final painting in your
    mind before your brush ever
    touches the paper. Tom will
    teach you how to find and
    focus on abstract
    compositional subjects based
    on the solid organization of
    darks and lights.  Learn to see
    as an artist and identify what
    will result in the best possible
    painting. The contrasts of the
    architecture of man and the
    architecture of nature should
    inspire strong ideas and great
    discussions. Tom is the
    author of Architecture in
    Watercolor and The Art of
    Architectural Drawing. He is
    considered one of the
    foremost architectural artists
    in the world..

Thomas Schaller
The Architecture of Light
Watercolor - studio and plein air

July 8 - 12, 2013
Bend, OR


All Levels Welcome

    THOMAS SCHALLER Following a 20-year career in
    New York City as an architect and architectural artist,
    Tom Schaller is now based in Los Angeles, California
    where he devotes himself full-time to artwork in the
    watercolor medium.

    He has long been considered one of the foremost
    architectural artists in the world. In the field, he has
    won every major award for his artwork - including
    being a two-time recipient of the Hugh Ferriss
    Memorial Prize. He has authored two books ; the best-
    selling, and AIA award of merit winner, Architecture
    in Watercolor, and The Art of Architectural Drawing.
    He is increasingly in demand internationally to conduct
    his watercolor workshop series, "The Architecture of
    Light". His artwork is collected and exhibited around
    the world.

    Recently, his artwork has been recognized in the
    upcoming Splash 13 and  Splash 14 by North Light
    Books (Aug. 2012 & 13), a feature article and the
    cover art for "International Artist" magazine (Oct.
    /Nov. 2011), a feature article and the cover art for
    "Watercolor Artist" magazine (April 2012) ; a  feature
    article in "Southwest Art" magazine (Aug. 2012);
    feature article and cover image "Decor Magazine":
    Norway; feature article and interview (Feb. 2012) for
    "Creative Catalyst Productions," a feature article in
    “American Artist” magazine (April 2010); a finalist in
    "The Artist's Magazine" 28th Annual Art Competition
    Issue (Dec. 2011); a winner in "Southwest Art"
    Magazine's Artistic Excellence Competition (Dec
    2011). His work has been showcased several times in
    “American Art Collector” magazine; most recently, a
    feature Feb 2012. He won Honorable Mention in the
    Watermedia Showcase Competition (Feb.2012) a
    feature article in Holland's "Palet"  magazine (Sept.
    2011), France's "The Art of Watercolour"and
    "Practique des Arts" magazines, and is the featured
    artwork on the cover of  "Watercolor Artist"
    magazine's "One's to Watch" issue (Dec. 2010). His
    work is represented by the RS Hanna Gallery,
    Fredericksburg; Total Arts Gallery, Taos; the Sharp
    Gallery, Seattle;  the Universal Art Gallery, and the
    Carter-Sexton Gallery in Los Angeles which  hosted a
    one-man show of his watercolors in 2011.

    Mr. Schaller's artwork has been selected  to be
    included in a number of prestigious recent exhibitions
    including, both the 2010 and 2012 "Zhujiajiao
    International Watercolor Biennials" in Shanghai, "The
    143rd and 145th Annual Exhibitions of the American
    Watercolor Society" in New York City, "The 2012
    International Watercolour Biennial - Belgium ";"II Bienal
    Iberoamericana de la Acuarela" in Madrid (Best of
    Show/Award of Excellence), "Trienal
    Internationacional de la Acuarela" ; Colombia ( Second
    Place, Award of Excellence); "Exposicion Internacional
    de Acuarelas" , Seville;  "The International Watercolor
    Biennial Mexico" in Mexico City, ; "Salon de
    L'Aquarelle du Haillan" in France; a winner in both the
    Northwest Watercolor Society's 71st Annual and
    Waterworks Exhibitions, a Best of Show/Award of
    Excellence "Golden State Treasures" California Art
    Club; Premier Exhibit in the USA at the Strathmore
    Gallery in Bethesda, MD of the North American
    Watercolor Artists; and was a Grand Jury Prize Winner
    in the 2010 National Paint the Parks Competition.

    Mr. Schaller is a member of many professional
    organizations including The American Watercolor
    Society, The National Watercolor Society, The
    Northwest Watercolor Society, The San Diego
    Watercolor Society, The California Watercolor
    Association, the American Society of Architectural
    Perspectivists, The New York Society of Renderers,
    and is a founding member of the group;  North
    American Watercolor Artists. He was recently elected
    Artist Member of the California Art Club.

Class Outline
    Daily – indoors or out - I will complete demos for the class to demonstrate the topics to be covered

    1. By site observation, or by using photographic samples and examples from my own sketch book, I will quickly
    demonstrate the importance of identifying valid compositional subject matter. And then, by executing quick,
    impressionistic initial abstract value sketches, I will demonstrate how these are used as the basis for the completion of
    a strong and satisfying watercolor. We will cover the basics of perspective composition and fundamentals of drawing
    as the root of a successful final painting.
    2. Participants will be urged to complete simple black and white pencil sketches of proposed subjects from site or from
    photographs and to discuss how abstract compositions of the three basic values – black/white/ grey – can be arranged
    to form the basis of a final painting.
    3. Using these completed compositional/value sketches as “roadmaps”, we will quickly sketch our compositions on
    watercolor paper  
    4. Along with me, participants will be guided through the simple steps of using these completed value sketches to set
    up and quickly complete successful final watercolor sketches.
    5.  Daily, after an initial demo, we will explore exercises that highlight the depiction of skies, water, architecture,
    landscapes and atmospheric conditions.  Each day, exercises will become more comprehensive. On the final day,
    participants will be asked to develop their own compositions which incorporate all the elements covered in previous
    6.  On the afternoon of our final day, we will have an informal “exhibit” of the work done by participants and I will
    lead an informal critique and question/ answer session about what we have learned in the previous days.

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