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"Color speaks a universal
language.  It is also very
powerful because it has the
ability to stimulate emotions,
to transmit vitality and
interest, to make statements
about shape and space -
and because it is the
backdrop of our world."

    Seeking answers and
    understanding? Need to loosen up
    and paint free? This workshop
    will explain all aspects of
    successful painting using frequent
    demonstrations and detailed
    analysis. We will explore a range
    of subject including composition
    and design, effectively using light
    and dark values, color mixing,
    edges, brush stroke techniques
    and much more.   Stimulate and
    expand your insight into the magic
    of watercolors! This workshop is
    for painters who want
    plainspoken feedback and lots of
    painting action. Alvaro is author
    of Watercolor Painting with
    Passion, Painting with Passion,
    Beyond Technique and
    Watercolour Masterclass. His
    work has been featured in
    International Artist and The
    Artist's Magazine.
Watercolor Painting with

We have all of Alvaro's
Books available. Click here
Alvaro Castagnet
The Pillars of Watercolor
int - adv outdoor painters

September 20 - 22, 2021

Rockland, Maine
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    ALVARO CASTAGNET is a member of many prestigious watercolor societies around the world, such as the
    American Watercolour Society (AWS) and Australian Watercolour Institute (AWI). Alvaro Castagnet is a gifted
    internationally renowned watercolorist, well-traveled and lauded for his expressive style and ability to capture the very
    soul of the location he paints. Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Alvaro’s paintings grace the walls of many private and
    corporate collections across the globe and his works have been recognized with top honors in esteemed international
    art competitions. Traveling the world exhibiting, demonstrating, lecturing and judging, Alvaro is also a successful
    author of 3 book and often contributes to acclaimed international art publications worldwide, his first two books are
    sold out, bestsellers. Alvaro has designed his own line of watercolor brushes, and has released a series of painting

    Alvaro Castagnet is the winner of numerous prestigious national and international awards, such as the American
    Society of Watercolor, the National (U.S.) and the Alice Bale Prize, Australia, just to name a few.

Class Outline

    Alvaro will give 2 demonstrations daily followed by individual help and critiques. His demonstrations start at
    approximately 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM Pacific Time and usually take about one hour. Students then set up and paint until
    lunch time or the end of the day. Alvaro will offer individual help and conduct 2 or 3 group critiques during the