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"Movement and emotion
(are) dominant themes,
with paintings so loose
and colorful they seem to
leap from the canvas. . .
    Infuse your artwork with movement and
    joy as you explore creating images
    using your personal inner vision
    teamed with solid design concepts.  In
    this fun, relaxed and casual class
    Cristina will help you discover your
    personal style.  Intermixed with fine art
    painting, you will learn to create
    patterns and designs that you can use
    to make a variety of projects including;
    ceramic fired tableware, floor mats,
    textile paintings, and more.  Cristina's
    artwork in a variety of mediums has
    been published in numerous
    magazines, books and on television
    and the Internet.  She is the author of
    Paint Happy!

"Paint Happy!"
Cristina Acosta
Mixed Media


Beginning to Advanced

Class Outline
    Fine art meets real life in this fun and relaxed class based on the painting techniques I introduced in my book, Paint
    Happy!  Whether you want to work on easel pieces, paint a plate or a sarong, you’ll love the freedom and ease of this

    Day 1: Intro to sketching ideas and painted ceramic Platters

    Students will have a range of abilities.  For the beginners I will set up palette of paints as an example for them to start with.
    We will begin the morning with drawing and end the day with some painted ceramic platters that I will fire in my kiln and
    return by Wednesday.
    1.        Two Handed Drawing: I will demonstrate how to draw with both hands at the same time.  We will start with simple
    vase and flower drawings.  

    2.        I demonstrate Puzzle Piece Drawing and Painting. Students will work the entire afternoon on this concept, transferring
    their favorite drawing to a solid substrate and painting it.

    3.        Students choose their favorite drawing(s) and paint them onto ceramic platters that we will glaze and fire at my studio.

    Day 2: Color mixing lessons and painting on paper.

    1.        If the majority of the class does not know how to mix color, we will spend the day learning to mix color.  Students will
    create charts of a color wheel, neutrals and tints.  I will poll the class and see.  The second option is to have beginners paint
    a color wheel and tints, and then have more advanced painters join us to work with neutrals. The more advanced students
    would be working with the previous days subject matter on their own.  A third option is to skip color mixing and begin painting.

    2.        I demonstrate to students how I paint a painting.  This demonstration will take at least one hour. I start with a concept
    and with very little preparatory sketching I begin working on paper.  After that, they will start with a thought and begin their own
    painting.  After paintings are underway (about 1 hour) I will interrupt the class to show them examples of pushing the basic
    design of their pieces in a particular direction.  Students will create a list of thoughts that I will keep at the front of the class so
    that they can generate ideas for paintings.

    I will cover design concepts from chapters 4 & 5, using my “80/20 rule”, particularly straight versus curved lines.  I will use a
    students painting to demonstrate this concept by redrawing it within guidelines I explain. Students will work all afternoon on

    Day 3: Large scale painting on Floormats or more ceramic tile painting or Your choice!

    By now you’ll know what you want to do more of. I’ll introduce the floor mat (or wall hanging if you don’t put it underfoot)
    techniques. You’ll see your finished platter from Monday’s class and have a choice of which medium you want to work in.
    1.        I will explain some aspects of color theory to students and demonstrate to students how to reverse the color balance
    of a painting.  Using one of my paintings I will demonstrate for apx. 1 hour.  Students will then spend the day working on
    reversing the color balances of paintings. During the day I will choose different students work to explain a design element.  It
    may be an example that stresses shapes, edges, texture, etc

    Day 4: Paint with your choice of medium.
    The design topic I will work with is “Space and Atmosphere”.  I will intersperse the day with short drawing demonstrations of
    techniques artists use to create the illusion of space. Students will be working in a variety of mediums, learning that the
    formal art and design concepts they learn can be applied to any substrate.

    Day 5: Let’s paint a sarong (call it a shade cloth or lampshade cover if you’re not the sarong wearing type)
    1.         Using a students painting, I will demonstrate how to pull out design elements to create a pattern, then how to apply it
    to the sarong. This demo will take approximately an hour total.  They can experiment making a variety of patterns from their
    paintings. Students that quickly finish the project can work on additional paintings.

    CRISTINA ACOSTA is a vibrant and prolific artist whose
    lush, magical style conveys a sense of joyous spirit. She
    applies her artistic vision to a variety of mediums,
    receiving national acclaim for her artwork. Her artistry has
    been and is featured in a variety of book and magazines,
    museums and galleries.  

    Cristina is a classically trained painter. A life-long artist,
    Cristina has been working professionally since her
    teenage years. Though her formal education includes a
    BFA in Fine Arts from the University of Oregon in Eugene,
    she has since created  work in a variety of mediums. Her
    experience includes two years as a oudoor advertising
    billboard mural and letter arts, teaching art for 5 years at
    the college level and owning a artisan ceramic tile
    business for almost a decade, successfully placing her
    signature line of ceramic tiles with Ann Sacks Tile &
    Stone and selected Home Depot stores. She licensed
    images for a variety of  products. She has illustrated a
    children's book (When Woman Became the Sea), written
    her own painting book (Paint Happy!), and continually
    writes and contributes to a variety of magazines,
    including a home decor column for Latina Style
    magazine. She operates a business as a interior design
    color consultant, both residential and commercial.  

    When she's taking a break from her work Cristina loves
    to share a variety of sports with her friends and family.
    She's an avid downhill and skate skier, and windsurfer.
    She enjoys riding her bikes and hiking or walking.  Her
    enthusiasms have included horse-back riding (English &
    Western), and boogie boarding when she's anywhere
    near the beach.  An intuitive cook, she loves to create
    unique recipes. She explores everything from artisan
    breads to regional chili sauces.  Born in Los Angeles,
    she now resides in Bend, Oregon with her family.

    Museum Exhibitions
    High Desert Museum, Bend, Oregon – Hispanic Culture
    Celebration – April 2006 Maryhill Museum of Art,
    Goldendale, Washington – People, Places and
    Perceptions: A Look at Contemporary Latino Art in the
    Northwest, July – Nov. 2005.

    Maryhill Museum of Art, Goldendale, Washington – Dia de
    los Muertos event, October 2004, 2005.
    Grants Pass Museum of Art, Grants Pass, Oregon –Solo
    exhibit, North Gallery. April 1995.

    Books & Periodicals- wrote
    Paint Happy, written and illustrated by Cristina Acosta.  
    Published by North Light Books, an F&W publication,
    Cincinnati, Ohio. August, 2002. 119 page adult art
    instructional book. Reprinted September 2004.

    Books -- Illustrated
    When Woman Became the Sea, illustrated by Cristina
    Acosta, written by Susan Strauss, published by Beyond
    Words Publishing, Portland, Oregon. ©1998.  32 page
    children’s picture book.

    Books -- Contributed
    Discovering Your Visual Voice, by Dakota Mitchell and
    Lee Haroun, Northlight Books,  Feb. 2007, selected
    images of paintings.

    Triumph of Our Communities – Four Decades of Mexican
    American Art, by Gary D. Keller and Amy Phillips, Bilingual
    Press/Editorial Bilingue, Arizona State University. Page
    16 featuring Acosta’s paintings.

    Ceramic Art Tile for the Home, by Debora Goletz, Shiffer
    Books, Images of tile kitchen and hand painted bowl on
    the foreword pages 6 and 7, and three other pages in the
    book.  ©2001  

    Tile by Jill Herbers, Artisan, a Div. of Workman Publishing
    Company, Inc., New York, NY, ©1996, page 80.  Picture of
    custom tile kitchen (Crane Kitchen, Beverly Hills, Calif.)
    Brief description and listing in the appendices.
    Handbuilt Ceramics, by Kathy Triplett, Lark Books,
    Asheville, NC, ©1997, Picture of Cristina’s hand painted
    ceramic pitchers, attribution.
    The Clay Lover’s Guide to Making Molds, by Pierce
    Clayton, Lark Books Div. Altamont Press, Asheville, NC,
    ©1977.  Page 52, picture of Cristina’s three mosaic
    lamps, attribution.  p.117 - picture of Cristina’s hand
    painted ceramic teapot.

    Periodicals -- Contributed
    Latina Style, Su Casa, Vol. 11, No.2 and No.3, No. 5.
    Ongoing Home Décor  Column 2005, 2006
    Palette Magazine, June 2005. Article for painters.
    Latina Style, Vol. 9, No. 6, 2003 (Dec.), Sun-Drenched or
    Subdued? Oregon-based Latina artist Cristina Acosta
    offers tips on how to make sure the colors of your home
    reflect the colors of your life. Page 16.  

    Keller Morris Fine Art – Palm Desert, CA 2005, 2006
    Onda Arte Latina – Portland, Oregon – 2005, 2006
    Cathy Pettibone Gallery – Bend, Oregon – Paintings 2006
    Cristina Acosta Art Gallery -- Bend, Oregon – Paintings,
    etc. 1998 to 2004.
    Cleaverheads Gallery – Monterey, California – Paintings,
    April 2004 – Nov. 2005.
    Glass Chameleon Gallery – Bend, Oregon – Paintings
    and ceramics. 1998-2000.
    Mirror Pond Gallery – Bend, Oregon -- Paintings and
    ceramics.  1994 to 1998.
    Blue Spruce Gallery-- Bend Oregon -- Ceramics and
    Paintings.  1991 to 1997.
    Mockingbird Gallery – Bend, Oregon -- Paintings. 1995-

    Oregon Public Broadcasting, Art Beat weekly show. April
    2007. Host KC Cowan. 10 min. Interview with paintings
    and design work.
    KATU – A.M. Northwest, Jan. 2003, Portland, Oregon.  
    Introduction of Paint Happy book and related book
    signings.  Cristina teaches the two show hosts to
    successfully draw with two hands.
    Mi Gente! My People, Show #4 Jan. 7, 1998, New York,
    NY, NBC affiliate. Showed tile and brief description.
    Small Business 2000 -- Interview by Hattie Bryant.  Shown
    on National Public Broadcasting.  Topic covered the “OK”
    business-consulting group. Interview displayed tile and
    paintings.  Fall Season 1996.
    KCAL – Los Angeles, California, Channel 9.  The fires of
    Autumn, new piece discussing renovation after fire
    devastation.  Tile shown with Bolivar (Pasadena, CA
    distributor) presentation, October 27, 1994. Page 33
    KTVA – Bend, Oregon.  Studio visit and Interview -- tiles
    and painting. Aprx. 5 minute segment, Sunday evenings
    and weekday news trailer. Spring 1991.
    KTVA – Bend, Oregon.  Interview highlighting billboard
    work and teaching at High Desert Museum.  Approx. 5
    minutes.  Spring 1989.

    Teaching & Presentations
    Art Workshops: nationwide.  Curriculum based on Paint
    Happy . Present.
    Pacific University, Feminist Studies Program and the
    Central Pacific Conference of the United Church of Christ
    Female Spirituality Conference.  Acosta’s presentation,
    “Retablos and Ex-votos, a Spiritual Journey” was part of
    the “Women’s Altars—Beyond Borders” presentation.
    Lecture and art. Forest Grove, OR March 16, 20002.
    Oregon Historical Society, Oregon Folklife Program, Las
    Artes Tradicionales en las Comunidad, 4-week class,
    Retablos Ex-votos, a traditional Latino art form. March
    Mirror Pond Art Gallery – One day “Licensing Art”
    workshop.  Spring 1998.
    Central Oregon Community College, Bend, Oregon.  
    College Credit
    Classes 100 and 200 levels: Figure Drawing, Basic
    Drawing, Oil and Acrylic Painting.  Part-time, Sept. 1990 to
    The High Desert Museum, Bend Community College,
    Bend Metro Parks & Recreation.  Occasional classes
    --1988 till 1996.

    Habitat for Humanity - Bend, OR Branch: 2004/2005
    Garnered an apx. $20,000. Grant from Benjamin Moore
    Corporate for paint for the Silverlake subdivision. Donated
    my color consulting services to the clients.
    Latina Magazine annual award listing: February 2004,
    “What We Love: 47    People, Places, & Cositas every
    mujer must know.” Page 105, #33 –“One of the best
    places in the country to find whimsical Latino artist is –
    Surprise!--  Bend, Oregon at the CristinaAcosta Art
    ASW- Art Supply Warehouse “cover contest”,$1,000. Prize
    plus featured cover artist “Winter Sale” catalog. The
    painting “Juggling Stars”. Feb 2003.

    Professional Affiliations
    Central Oregon Arts Association – 1984 to present
    Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators – 1999-
    Willamette Writers Guild – 2003 to present
    GAG – Graphic Artist’s Guild 1998 to 2000
    TCA – Tile Council of America 1997 to 2000
    Tile Heritage Foundation – 1995 to 2000