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    Learn how light affects the
    temperature of colors and values,
    as well as how to use the
    transparency of watercolor to
    allow the glow of the paper to
    shine through. Fealing Lin will
    teach you to combine
    impressionistic brushstrokes and
    semi-abstract techniques to elicit
    life and movement in your
    paintings. She will help you relax
    and enjoy the process as you
    discover the spontaneity of
    watercolor. Fealing's techniques
    are fun and challenging; the
    possibility of compositions and
    expressions are unlimited. She is a
    signature member of the NWS,
    TWSA, Watercolor West, and
    many others.
Fealing Lin

“Portrait, Still Life and Landscape"
watercolor - studio

all levels welcome

July 13 - 17, 2020
Bend, OR

Cost  $695

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    Class Information
    Fealing will teach you how to relax and enjoy the process as you discover the spontaneity and uniqueness to
    watercolor. You will also learn how to capture the quality of light available to you. You will achieve a level of
    transparency with your images and develop and understanding of head architecture that will give you the confidence
    to take on even the most challenging portraits. Award winning watercolorist, Fealing Lin, combines semi-abstract
    strokes and impressionistic concepts to elicit life an movement in her portrait and figure paintings. There will be daily
    lecture, exercises and demos. Fealing will assist and critique student's works in all settings and allow the students to
    work at their own pace. During this workshop, learn how to use transparent glazing to allow the glow of the paper to
    shine through. By balancing colors and weaving lights and darks you will achieve painterly and successful paintings.
    She will spend time in the workshop discussing the value and essential of a good drawing, although the focus will be

    Fealing Lin of San Marino, California, was born in Taiwan and is pursuing her career in the United States as a
    watercolorist and senior art historian professor at Verna Wells.

    With a fluidity of colors, Lin combines impressionistic brush strokes and semi-abstract techniques to elicit life and
    movement in her portrait and landscape watercolors.  Her paintings adorn the paper with both harmony and emotion.

    Although briefly diverted from her passion by a family tradition of medicine and dentistry, Fealing ultimately
    abandoned her tray of instruments and high-speed drills in favor of her pallet and brushes. Now she is a teacher,
    demonstrator, judge, and active exhibitor.

    Based in Los Angeles, Fealing teaches classes and workshops across the country. She is a signature member of the
    National Watercolor Society, The Transparent Watercolor Society of America,Watercolor West, and many others. Her
    work has won numerous awards in national and international shows, and has appeared in many magazines and books,
    such as "Watercolor Magic", "Watercolor Artist", "International Artist" and Splash (North Light Books, volumes
    9,10,11,12,14, Retrospective, and 18), and Artistic Touch (volumes 4 and 5). Lin is one of 15 artists who contributed
    to Watercolor Secrets (North Light Books, 2009), which features her self-portrait on the cover. She is also
    internationally published in France and England by Pratique des Arts, The Arts of Watercolor and Encyclopedia of
    Watercolour(Hazel Harrison).