Suzie Seerey-Lester

2-Day Marketing
June 28-29, 2010
Cost TBA

3-day Acrylic
June 30 - July 2, 2010
Cost TBA
Bend, OR

Intermediate to Advanced Students

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Alvaro Castagnet

The Passionate Painter in So Cal
Watercolor - plein air

April 1 - 3, 2015

Santa Barbara, CA

Intermediate to Advanced
Outdoor Painters

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    Stimulate emotions and transmit
    vitality and interest with vibrant
    color, mood and mystery. Alvaro
    will demonstrate how to present a
    unified message, achieve volume
    and depth, inject emotion,
    manipulate light and dark, and
    develop your own unique and
    personal style. Painting will be done
    on location amid the old buildings
    downtown and the Riverplace
    Marina. This workshop is for the
    experienced outdoor painter. Alvaro
    is the author of Watercolor Painting
    with Passion. His work has been
    featured in International Artist,
    Watercolor Magic and The Artist’s
Alvaro Castagnet

The Passionate Painter in So Cal
Watercolor - plein air

April 10 - 12, 2015
April 14 - 16, 2015
take one or both

San Diego, CA

$595 each
includes 6 meals
Intermediate to Advanced
Outdoor Painters

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    Be Bold! Push watercolor to its
    absolute limit! Translate mood into
    powerful, free and mysterious
    watercolor paintings. Achieve depth
    and volume with luminous lights and
    rich darks, create quality
    brushstrokes and colors, and infuse
    the passion into YOUR paintings.
    Alvaro will show you how with
    daily demonstrations. This
    workshop is for resilient painters
    who want plainspoken feedback and
    lots of painting action. Alvaro is
    author of Watercolor Painting with
    Passion and Painting with Passion,
    Beyond Technique. Alvaro’s work
    has been featured in International
    Artist and The Artist’s Magazine. He
    is highly awarded and published.
Mary Whyte

In the Footsteps of Sargent
Watercolor - plein air and studio

May 16 - 23, 2015

Venice, Italy
2 Rooms Left

$3095 - $3495
All Levels Welcome

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    Picture yourself painting and touring
    the Venetian landscape and painting
    side-by-side with internationally
    acclaimed watercolorist, Mary
    Whyte. Mary will guide you through
    the techniques of planning your
    compositions, drawing, mixing
    color and creating great
    backgrounds. Enjoy lots of painting
    action, one-on-one instruction,
    wonderful meals and wine, and
    Italian activities! Come, explore
    Venice and Burano, visit the local
    fish market, take a Gondola ride and
    more. We have a full itinerary with
    you in mind so don't miss this
    workshop of a lifetime for travel
    enthusiasts and all levels of  artists.
    See the full itinerary on our website.

Mary Whyte

And the Inside Passage
Watercolor - plein air and studio

June 8 - 15, 2015
Victoria, BC to Seward Alaska

$995 - Workshop Wait List
$464+ for cabin

All Levels Welcome

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    Join us for an unforgettable week as
    we cruise Alaska's Inside Passage
    with Mary Whyte. This workshop
    will explore the fundamentals of still
    life, landscape and portrait in
    watercolor with extraordinary views
    of Alaska as our background.
    Mary's demonstrations aboard the
    ship will inspire you for a day of
    painting from the still life or model,
    or prepare you for a day of
    sketching on your own in the
    picturesque harbor towns of
    Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway.
    Evening gatherings will offer lively
    discussions, while still offering
    students ample time to enjoy the
    ship's many activities and amenities.
    Mary's work is in many corporate
    and museum collections, and has
    been featured in International Artist,
    American Artist, Artist Magazine
    and American Art Collector
    magazines, as well as CBS Sunday
Frank Eber

How to Paint Loose and
Atmospheric Watercolors
Studio and Plein Air

July 13 - 17, 2015
Bend, OR

All Levels Welcome
Some experience required

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    Are you ready to bring your painting
    skills to a higher level? Frank will
    share advanced watercolor
    techniques based on tonal values
    that create atmosphere, balance and
    unity in your work. Learn the
    secrets to painting luminous
    watercolors by manipulating tonal
    value, color and edge! Learn time
    sensitive and challenging wet-on-
    wet and dry-on-wet approaches in
    landscapes, cityscapes or street
    scenes. Frank will discuss and
    demonstrate composition, direct
    color mixing, positive and negative
    painting and the 'state of mind' while
    painting. Frank is a signature
    member of AWS, NWS, TWSA and
Richard McKinley

A Central Oregon Summer
pastel - plein air and studio

July 20 - 24, 2015
Bend, OR

Intermediate to Advanced

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    Pastel Society of America Hall of
    Fame pastelist Richard McKinley
    will demonstrate how to produce a
    concise field-sketch on location
    with pastel and how underpainting
    techniques can expand creativity,
    both on location and in studio.
    Forming the initial concept to the
    final pastel marks necessary to
    make a painting work will be
    covered. Through individual
    attention, group critiques, and class
    discussions, you will leave with a
    clear understanding of the universal
    basics of painting. Richard has a
    wealth of information to share as a
    dedicated instructor. He is tireless in
    this pursuit and his intensity, focus,
    and energy, are legendary.

Aimee Erickson

Inspiration and Design
oil - studio

July 27 - 31, 2015
Bend, OR

Levels Welcome

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    What is it you see that makes you
    want to paint something?  
    Awareness of your inspiration
    guides the decisions you make as
    you paint. Aimee will emphasize the
    importance of having a clear idea
    for a painting and the practical
    matter of color and value. You will
    learn keys to this important
    relationship. You will use techniques
    painting live models and still life that
    useful for any subject.  Aimee's
    demonstrations will reinforce an
    understanding of design, vision, and
    a light-hearted approach. Don't miss
    her biography. This up and coming
    artist is rising fast!
Birgit O'Connor

Dramatic Florals
watercolor - studio

August 3 - 7, 2015
Bend, OR

All Levels Welcome

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    Do you want to make more
    powerful and intriguing
    compositions? With daily step-by-
    step demonstrations, Birgit will
    show you how to glaze and build
    layers to bring the illusion of depth
    and drama into your art. Put the
    water back into watercolor and
    learn how to put the WOW into
    your flower paintings. Watch color
    move as if by magic and learn to
    simplify what you see and say more
    with less.  Birgit O'Connor is the
    author of Watercolor in Motion and
    Watercolor Essentials. She is a
    contributing editor to The Artist’s
    Magazine and Watercolor Artist.
Karlyn Holman

Watercolor Fun and Free
watercolor and mixed media - studio

August 10 - 14, 2015
Bend, OR

All Levels Welcome

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    Get motivated with Karlyn Holman’s
    hands-on, fun-filled workshop that
    will inspire you to loosen up your
    painting style.  Karlyn is upbeat and
    teaches with tireless energy. Her
    high-spirited humorous style makes
    beginners feel comfortable and
    challenges the advanced.  The real
    emphasis will be individual
    expression and development of each
    student’s own painting style.  
    Enthusiastic and informational
    demonstrations, critiques and
    individual help are daily fare.  Karlyn
    has written four instructional books
    on watercolor titled Watercolor Fun
    and Free, Searching for the Artist
    Within, Watercolor-The Spirit of
    Spontaneity and Watercolor Without
Nicholas Simmons

Innovative Watermedia Workshop
watercolor and acrylic - studio

August 17 - 21, 2015

All Levels Welcome

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    You'll never think about painting the
    same way again! Prepare yourself
    for Nicholas’ high-energy,
    unorthodox, and varied approach to
    watercolor. This workshop will
    focus on concepts, composition and
    design elements with concentration
    on diversity in subject matter;
    poured watercolor; fluid acrylic
    used as transparent watercolor;
    unusual textures such as his popular
    “batik” technique; large scale
    painting; computer-aided design;
    and creative photography for
    obtaining unconventional reference
    shots. Nicholas was the sole judge
    representing the US at the Shanghai
    Zhujiajiao International Watercolour
    Biennial, the world's largest
    watercolor exhibition, in 2010 and
Mary Whyte

Still Life, Portrait and Figure
watercolor - studio

August 27 - 29, 2015
Salt Lake City, UT

All Levels Welcome

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    Join Mary Whyte for an inspirational
    three day workshop in beautiful Salt
    Lake City while exploring the magic
    of watercolor still life, portrait and
    figure.  Open to students of all
    levels, this class will cover the
    fundamentals of mixing clean
    colors, planning dynamic
    compositions, getting a likeness,
    achieving value balance and creating
    paintings with emotion.  Tips on
    setting up a studio and marketing
    your work will also be discussed.  
    Whyte’s daily painting
    demonstrations from life and one-on-
    one assistance will guide you on
    your way to making your best
    paintings ever.
David Taylor

Staying Afloat with Watercolor
watercolor - Plein air

September 14 - 18, 2015
Oregon Coast, Depoe Bay

$795 Includes 5 Box Lunches
Intermediate to Advanced

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    Capture the fleeting moments!
    David will show you the best way
    to tackle painting the rugged
    coastline, the sea with its character,
    the calm waters and boats in the
    beautiful harbor, and Main Street
    along the harbor offering
    movement, color, and atmosphere.
    He will encourage your creativity
    and individuality and give you
    insight into portraying the subject in
    simple terms, helping you get fresh,
    spontaneous results. David is the
    coauthor of Solving Mysteries in
    Watercolor with Ron Ranson.  His
    work has been featured in the
    International Artist Magazine.
Drawing and Painting
with Charles Reid

Two Weeks to Choose From
Watercolor - studio

November 2 - 6, 2015
(1 Space available)
November 9 - 13, 2015
(3 Spaces available)

San Antonio, TX


Intermediate to Advanced

More Information >>>
    A great drawing is the foundation of
    a great painting. Charles Reid, the
    master of contour drawing, will
    teach you how to concentrate on
    interconnecting shapes rather than
    drawing separate objects. Discover
    how to simplify and avoid
    overworking by focusing on good
    paint consistency. Practice “direct
    painting”, using as few over-washes
    as possible. Achieve the correct
    color, edge variety, and tonal value
    on the first try. Charles is the author
    of Charles Reid’s Watercolor
    Secrets and Charles Reid’s
    Watercolor Solutions, and many
    more. He is a member of the
    National Academy of Design.
- Premier Destination
Since 1983