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    An avid traveler,
    Pablo uses urban
    'scapes' and all
    sorts of water
    reflections as the
    main subjects in his
    work, then usually
    playing with aerial
    points of view to
    make original
    Are you ready to take your
    water to a higher level?  
    Learn to paint masterful
    water and reflections with
    Pablo Ruben from Spain.
    Paint water that makes you
    want to jump in!  We will
    paint different types of
    waters, calm, moving and
    active, with reflections of
    cityscapes and landscapes
    in this 4-day workshop.
    Learn a range of techniques,
    including the proper water
    to pigment ratios, value,
    composition and color
    harmony. Pablo has taught
    workshops in: Spain,
    Portugal, France, Brazil,
    Mexico and Canada. He is
    the President of the
    International Watercolor
    Society of Spain.
Pablo Ruben

Watercolor Waters and Reflections!
plein air and studio

August 4 - 7, 2020, Bend, OR


intermediate to advanced

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    Pablo Ruben Lopez is an artist of Griñón, a small town south of Madrid and near the historic city of Toledo where
    he has his studio. Pablo Ruben has been painting all his life but during the last ten years he has been fully dedicated
    to art and has won and incredible collection of over 400 awards for his paintings. Pablo has been presented awards
    from International competitions such as: American Watercolor Society, San Diego Watercolor Society, Slovenia
    International Watercolor Society and many more.  He likes to paint outdoors, and always carries his watercolors
    ready to paint or sketch anywhere. In 2010 he won two of the most important awards in Spain, one of them was
    “El Retiro” where over 800 painters in which he won first prize. Another award was particularly important painting
    Spanish Air Force. Pablo is the President of the International Watercolor Society of Spain and he has participated in
    many of the most important watercolor Biennials all around the World: China, Korea, Thailand, India, Mexico,
    Canada, Belgium and Italy! Pablo has taught workshops in: Spain, Portugal, France, Brazil, Mexico and Canada.  He
    currently teaches drawing and watercolor classes at ABC Museum of Drawing and Illustration in Madrid, Spain.

    Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz. Madrid.1978

    2018 AWARDS and HONORS (Selection)

    1st Prize XIV Fast Painting Contest Parque de El Capricho (Madrid)                                             
    1st Prize VI Fast Painting Contest of Poblete (Ciudad Real)                                                          
    1st Prize  “Virgen del Carmen” Painting Contest of la Spanish Navy                                             
    1s Prize XXXVI National Painting Contest “Jesus Madero”, Herencia (Ciudad Real)                 
    1st Prize Watercolor  IX Painting Contest “Puertos de Baleares” Autoridad Portuaria de Baleares         
    1st  Prize XXI Fast Painting Contest of Alovera (Guadalajara)                                         
    1st  Prize XII Fast painting Contest of Herencia (Ciudad Real)                                         
    1st  Prize II Painting Contest of Humanes de Madrid                                                 
    1st  Prize Fast Painting Contest of Bolaños de Calatrava (Ciudad Real)                                 
    1st Prize Fast Painting Contest of Sanchonuño (Segovia)                                                 
    1st Prize Fast Painting Contest of Granátula de Calatrava (Ciudad Real)                                 
    1st Prize XXVIII Painting Contest “ Ciudad de Ávila”                                                 
    1st Prize XIX Contest of Artes Plásticas "100 x 100" Móstoles                                         
    Second Prize Signature's Members 38th. International Exhibition, San Diego (California)                  
    SDWS Instructors Award 38th. International Exhibition, San Diego (California)                         
    SDWS Board of Directors Award 38th. International Exhibition, San Diego (California)                 
    2nd Prize  Escos "Villages à Peindre". France                                                                 
    3rd Prize at International Contest “Salies à Peindre” Salies de Béarn. France                         

    Selected International Events

    Silk Road Exhibition. China  2018
    Tesalonica International Watercolor Exhibition. Grecia   2018
    98th. National Watercolor Society Exhibition. California. USA  2018
    San Diego Watercolor Society Exhibition. California. USA  2018
    Exposición Internacional de Acuarela de Praga. República Checa  2018
    Pearls of Peace Watercolor Exhibition. Pakistan  2018
    International Watercolor Exhibition of Lisboa. Portugal  2017
    International Watercolor Exhibition of New Delhi. India  2017
    Silk Road Exhibition. China  2017
    Fabriano in Aquarello  2017
    International Watercolor Young Masters Exhibition, Handan (China)  2016
    Taiwan World Watercolor Exhibition (Taiwan)  2016
    International Watercolor Contest Esdé Gallery, Cagliari (Italia)   2016
    Triennial Watercolor Exhibition of Varna (Bulgary)    2016
    Love United. 1st. International Watercolor Biennale of Hong Kong (China) 2016
    Harmony Arts Festival, Vancouver (Canadá)  2016
    Watercolor Biennial” Les Aqua’rêves” Saint Chamond (France)  2016
    1st. International Watercolor Biennale of Canadá   2016
    “Freedom of Self Expression”International Watercolor Exhibition of Budapest (Hungary)  2016
    Pearls of Peace. 1st. International Watercolor Biennale of Pakistan   2016
    Mini Castra 2016 Slovenia  2016
    Shenzhen Watercolor International  Biennial   2016
    Big Size Watercolor Exhibition (Mexico)  2016
    Fabriano in Aqcuarello (Italy)  2016
    International Watercolor Exhibition in Moscow (Russia)  2016
    International Watercolor Exhibition in Albania   2016
    International Watercolor Exhibition in La India  2015
    International Watercolor Exhibition in Slovenia   2015
    International Watercolor Bienal Mexico   2015
    Reinterpretation, Watercolor Exhibition, China 2015
    International Watercolor Trienale, Seoul (Korea)  2015
    International Watermedia Exhibition(Greece)  2014

    Class Outline:

    In this workshop we will learn to paint different sorts of water reflections, open landscapes, and gain the basic
    knowledge to paint an urban scape. Each exercise will be completely explained by the teacher during the
    demonstration and then the students will repeat the same subject with the personal  tuition and supervision of Pablo
    Ruben. First lessons will be at the studio and then we will go to plein air for the rest of the workshop. English,
    French and Spanish spoken.

    1. Introduction: - Presentation and explanation of all the materials: easel, colors, paper and brushes. Loads of
    pigment into the brush and differences with he amount of water into the paper.
    - Combinations between brush loads and paper states.
    2. Exercises to practice big washes with degraded: Landscape with calm water, puddles or lakes.
    3. Exercises of landscapes with water in movement to learn to make waves.
    4. Exercises with urban or rural houses, to learn some drawing tips of easy architecture and composition.
    5. Resume of the workshop, critic students´ work.